Project Info:

This Project, in which NOVOTECH was partner with SIEMENS LMS (Belgium), is related to the “Low Noise” activities in Clean Sky Green Regional Aircraft (GRA). The main aim of the Project was the design of mechanisms for high lift devices (HLDs), load control and alleviation (LC&A) devices. NOVOTECH designed the mechanisms of two GRA ground demonstrator aircrafts: GTF (Geared Turbofan) A/C for 130 pax and TP (TurboProp) A/C for 90.
The following HLDs were investigate:
• Single slotted flaps (Flower Flaps);
• Outer flap which had two mini-flaps;
• Inner flap had one mini-flap;
• Slats (Kruger flaps) both Inner and Outer slats.