Project Info:

SEAGULL project is an industrial R&D action aimed to design, build, verify and validate high performing ultralight seaplane concept owned by NOVOTECH (Italy), featured by hybrid electric propulsion system, easy and economical, operating in autonomy from any generic marine infrastructures.

It can be seen as a flying boat characterized by an automated folding wing system (Patent n. 102017000131163 deposit November the 16th, 2017 – “Mechanisms for transforming an ultra-light aircraft into a sailing and motor-powered vessel”) that makes possible to pass from aircraft to hull configuration and vice versa, through two electromechanical actuators that can operate also as strut of a braced wing.

The integration of methods and technologies from aerospace and naval sector are put together to create a unique product relying on a wide use of high performing composite materials and eco-friendly production processes. Such new mobility system is thought for promoting the communication between people and go beyond the current barriers of the public and private transports. Nowadays,

SEAGULL program has received partial funding from Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) in the frame of Call Law 808/85.

Key advantages

SEAGULL advantages:
1. Low cost air-maritime mobility system
2. Hybrid electric motorization
3. Automatic folding wing system
4. Extensive use of advanced composite materials (fuselage, movable surfaces, V-tail)
5.Capability to operate from the sea and not only from lakes or calm water conditions thanks to its trimaran hull configuration
6. Potential capability to upgrade the aircraft platform for Vertical Take off and Landing operations (Urban Air Mobility)