Project Info:

Project Title: Smart WING for new generation civil UAV

CUP: B88I17001080008

Start Date: 02 Maggio 2018   / End Date:  01 Maggio 2021

Status: ongoing

Funded Under:  MiSE – PON “Imprese e competitività” 2014-2020 – Grandi Progetti PON – Industria Sostenibile

Consortium: PROTOM (Italy, Coordinator), NOVOTECH AEROSPACE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SRL (Italy), LAER (Italy), CETMA (Italy).

SWING aims to study composite materials, automated fabrication processes, design methodologies for composite structures, actuation of systems and Health Monitoring methodologies to be applied on a next generation civil UAV.

This is a research project co-funded by italian ministry of economic development (MISE). The Consorium is composed by nr. 4 Italian companies: Protom (Coordinator), Novotech, Laer, Abete, Italsystem.


  1. Development of a technology demonstrator in composite materials, in particular a wing box, highly integrated, for a UAV for civil application, having weight about 10% less and a cost of about 5% less than the same geometry made with classic materials.
  2. Develop an actuation system with high grade of criticality (DAL A, a failure of 10-9 FH)
  3. Organize an aeronautical Supply Chain for composite structures and aeronautical systems dedicated to the world of UAVs for civil use or in a broader sense to the category of General Aviation.