NOVOTECH is a key partner for many industries working in the aerospace field and other advanced technology sectors. The Company was founded in 1992 as spin-off engineering consulting company from Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. In order to keep high competitiveness on the market, NOVOTECH has developed well consolidated know-how on aircraft and aircraft components: design/certification; automated composite manufacturing processes; advanced FEA; static/dynamic experimental tests.

Novotech has produced several demonstrators by AFP process, as a tail-cone portion of the Next Generation Turboprop Regional Aircraft (NGTP) or a portion of the lower skin of the M-346 aircraft, as well as testing activities for the qualification and validation of design methodologies implemented. Currently, the Company is involved in Research Projects dealing with the investigation and characterization of innovative configurations and processing of multifunctional CFRP multi-layer materials to manufacture with automated technology. Within this context, starting from the end of 2014, NOVOTECH has been identified by Cytec Solvay Group as qualified laboratory for development and testing on new materials for automated fiber placement (AFP) process and resin transfer moulding (RTM) process.

NOVOTECH has proven capability in design and manufacturing of composite structures, based on low cost and out-of-autoclave automated production processes (as AFP, PCM, RTM and LRI). The Company can count on researchers and qualified engineers for the development and manufacturing of composite prototypes with complex shapes and variable thickness based on advanced design methodologies for draping and formability and composite warpage prediction.

Novotech offers solutions addressed to all companies interested to increase their competitiveness through the development of advanced manufacturing processes in the field of composite materials.

NOVOTECH recently is involved on the design and manufacturing of the SEAGULL aircraft, a high performing ultralight amphibian vehicle with hybrid motorization, easy and economical, operating in autonomy from any infrastructure. A retractile morphing wing makes possible to pass from an aircraft to a hull configuration powered by sail and/or engine. The integration of methods and technologies from aerospace and naval sector have been merged to create a unique product relying on a wide use of high performing composite materials and eco-friendly production processes. Here is the new mobility system thought to promote the communication between people and go beyond the current barriers of the public and private transports.