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Project Title: Multi-Material Thermoplastic high pressure Nitrogen Tanks for Aircraft

Project number: 865291

Start Date: 01 October

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NHYTE The use of composite materials in transportation sector has progressively increased over the last decades bringing a breakthrough point in the way aircrafts are designed and built. This is pa

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Within the SAIA “Strutture Alari Innovative Aeronautiche” Project, (Program Contract Apulia Region), NOVOTECH has provided a specific contribute to wing design and sizing through the studie

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The scope of LAMI – TECH Research Project (a partnership of Novotech with Leonardo – Aircraft) was to investigate and manufacturing innovative configuration and processing of CFRP multi-layer m

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Within PON SFIDA Project, NOVOTECH performed several activities as follows:

• Define and evaluate an optimized tone noise/vibration control measures, applied to the cabin of the Alenia Aer

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Starting from results obtained within SFIDA Project, the SCAVIR (Advanced Configurations Studies for an Innovative Regional Aircraft) activities were still aimed to improve the comfort level into t

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Within the Call “Horizon 2020 – PON I&C 2014-20” issued by Italian Ministry of Economic Development, NOVOTECH is currently working, in partnership with DES Innovation, on the “SISTE

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“COGEA” (Composite Certification in General Aviation) is a Project sponsored by Apulia Region. It aims to develop innovative design solutions for composite components of VLA (Very Light Aeropla

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