Project Info:

FIRE  aims to develop multifunctional structures integrating innovative graphene-based composite materials. In particular, these components, in addition to the classic structural function, will have additional capacities such as thermal and fire resistance.  In the frame of the project, the multifunctional features of composite material structures for applications in the aeronautical and automotive sectors, integrating layers of G-preg will be validated and verified. The competitive advantages that can be obtained from the use of G-Preg from the point of view of the manufacturing process consist in the possibility to laminate the part without any discontinuity with respect to the matrix of the base composite, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional performances (fire and thermal) not reachable with common composite materials.

In the first part of the project, Novotech identified and proposed a composite material usable in the automotive and aerospace sectors, which could be processed with low-cost technologies and at the same time guaranteed a certain level of mechanical performance of the demonstrators that will be produced. Subsequently Novotech, supported by CNR, fine-tuned the manufacturing process of the multifunctional panels integrating G-preg and created a certain number of characterization coupons.

In general, making structures capable of guaranteeing thermal and fire resistance capabilities can represent a significant innovation for the transport sector, especially considering the known advantages of composite materials, such as the high stiffness / weight and strength / weight ratios, excellent resistance to corrosion, good fatigue behavior and the possibility of creating complex structures with a high degree of integration.

The development of these innovative materials (Jaber Innovation), the understanding of the thermo-physical-chemical properties (CerICT), the ability to use thermal and fire barrier properties in the design of new elements in composite material (Mare Engineering ) and the integration of the new G-Preg with both standard and advanced production methods (Novotech) will constitute fundamental distinctive elements of the research activity and the positive results to be proposed on the market at the end of the project.

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